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I procrastinated my dream life for six years while working as a marketing freelancer.

Now I’m building a sustainable and genuine business without being salesy or using hacks—just a lot of learnings and a big smile.

The Maker Journey lifts the curtains of this pathless path where I share behind me every step of the way.

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  • you want to get off the treadmill and become a maker.

  • you want to create a business out of your products.

  • you leaped and wonder what opportunities to chase.

  • you seek inspiration to make your own business and live your dream life.

  • you don’t feel ready yet.

Let’s learn and build together.

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A behind the curtains adventure exploring indie-making and creating a sustainable business


I turned procrastination into launching three products and getting 2000 customers. I explore indie-making and share my journey online.