I love the pathless path. Something about the wording.

Glad to be on this journey alongside you!

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Oh thank you so much for the mention Mattia! Means a ton! Plus expect a DM from me for something haha

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I love to break down goals into smaller and easier-to-achieve milestones.

Just imagine the feeling of ticking off 4 or 5 small milestone instead of only one goal

4 achievements > 1 achievement - that is still not very sure to be achieved

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Speaking about comparing yourself to others, here is a section from my last newsletter about Imposter Syndrome

but first of all i want you to know that it is not directed to you personally haha

" And please… avoid comparing yourself to others. You are YOU, and they are THEM.

The worst thing you do is not just comparing yourself to others, but you’re usually comparing your 6 months of experience to somebody’s 10 years of experience. Now just tell me: do you really think this is a fair comparison?

You’re destroying yourself that way.

Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday and learn from others.

Don’t feel like you’re losing just because someone else is winning. Their success has nothing to do with you, so celebrate their success sincerely while you keep working toward your own success. "


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